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another entry in the life of the lush

last friday marked an incredible event in my life. the evening was brisk, the kiddies were out, as was ANDREW WK. :)

my lush-ious friend jamie and i had purchased tickets for said event about a month or so ago, thrilled at the prospect of seeing mr. wk live at the not-so-big club of the social. we talked endlessly about this night. when the night arrived, jamie ended up not using her $15 ticket, so she could stay at a bar and drink. genius. silly girl didnt she know there was a bar at the social? not to mention that cari and i kept skippin over to bbq next door between sets for some of that stuff they call "firewater". so all in all, jamie decided the drink took priority over everything else. *sigh* little does she know how utterly fantastic that show was.

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