Soorya Blank (singmesweetness) wrote in jamieisalush,
Soorya Blank

"Look what we did to you, girl!"

So last night at Footloose, I thought I was tanked until the bar is closing and Jamie is literally being held up by about 3 or 4 people. At the sight of this, Lance and Jeff call her over (slightly sarcastically too) "Hey Jamie! Girl, what's with you? You alright!?"

Hahahahha, Jamie stumbles up to the bar next to me to reply to the bartenders. "What! I'm being a slut and trying to find a boy to make out with, but no one will make out with me!!" Slides off bar and into the arms of a few people around her. Lance/Jeff laugh their asses off and start hooting "Oh girl, look what we did to you!"

Few moments later, she's just like a rag doll: her arms flopped to her side, leaning on (probably) Jennie. Then she sways and people run after her to not fall the other way. Awe hahahaha -

Oh Jamie, I know I love you!
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