sweet and tender hooligan (geekedge) wrote in jamieisalush,
sweet and tender hooligan

perpetually drunk

last night at hops jaime actually ordered.....A COKE! yes, it's true. i'm not lying. yet somehow, she still managed to make some of us believe she was intoxicated.

"are you sure that's coke, jaime?"
"there's no rum in it or anything?"

let this be a lesson to you all: if jaime is laughing in an obnoxiously strange way or if she's dropping things or saying something ridiculous, she may not be drunk at all. this may just be a case of jaime being jaime, forever drunk.

i'd comment on her behavior later that night when she did have booze in her system, but i was too busy dealing with my own inebriation (or lack of) to have really paid much attention.
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