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Jaime Weekend Part Two

Continuing off of Cheryl..

It seems like Jaime has a Drunk Switch. She's ok, having a Rolling Rock. Ya part ways for about an hour.. and BAM! Wasted! Love her.

I have a feeling that the increased intoxication as opposed to other nights was motivated by hanging out in "weird bars" aka Narnias. For example, Scruffy Murphys woops!

Hhahahhah, as quoted by Jaime Version Obliterated:
"Uhh, we don't belong here. We are TOO damn cute for this place!"
"I got to go pee, or vomit.. one of the four"
"How many people did I kiss last night?"
"Ugh, I think I have a hangover.. So what's going on tonight?" (one of my favorites)
"Where is she, Soorya?? I'm kickin her ass that fuckin fake n bake! Ekh, and that perm.. gross!!"

Oh Jaimeface I think I love you!
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